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    Global Food Trade

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    Global food trade

    1.How important is trade among states in the United States (domestic food trade)?
    2.How important is global food trade?

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    1. Trade among states in the U.S.A is very important and essential as it brings about lots of benefits for any two states involved in trade in terms of sharing of resources and specialization, transport and communication between states, and in turn results in bridging and strengthening the relationship and economy of the states involved. Thus, it can be concluded that trade relations between states leads to strong trade relations between countries in the long run. It helps any country to grow into a strong economy.

    2. Global food trade is a very important aspect which decides the economic stability of a country. It is based upon the preference for a particular type of food product by the people of a particular country. Such preference for a particular food product paves the way for global food trade. Global food trade gains lot of importance as it improves the economy of countries which participate in food trade, as well as strengthens the social and political relationships between them. It ...

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    The importance of the global food trade in the US are discussed.