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Food Insecurity

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Analyze and outline the three most likely reasons for growing food insecurity in the United States. Do you think food insecurity is on the rise in the U.S.? How about in your own community? Can you find any evidence that your county has plans to manage food security in the event of a natural or biological emergency? Who in the county or state is responsible for assuring access to food in the event of an emergency?

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The solution discusses food insecurity.

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The main determinants of food insecurity in the united states are:

Income: Currently, the U.S has had a persistently high unemployment rate over the past 3 years, despite wages being rigid. Rose (1999) states that 17% of households with incomes less that 50% of the poverty level are affected by some form of hunger. Conversely, rates fall to 1.4% for individuals whose income is larger than 185% of the poverty level. Food insecurity is more prevalent for those who live below the poverty line. Those without sufficient income, which is becoming increasingly larger with the increased unemployment rate, cannot afford proper sustenance.

Access and distribution of food: Transporting healthy food, especially fresh produce to remote areas or to poor communities, can be difficult. These ...

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