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Cost benefit analysis graph

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Need an example of a cost benefit graph identifying diabetes and activities that would fit into each quadrant. If not diabetes than anything set up in that way so that I can see what exactly is needed.

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Need help creating your own cost benefit analysis chart? This solution includes over 8 PAGES of detailed information and several examples for you to work from!

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Economics of Health Administration

Cost Benefit Analysis

Given the following information:
UnitsQ Total Benefit B(Q) Total Cost C(Q) Net Benefits NB(Q) Marginal Benefits MB(Q) Marginal Cost MC(Q) MNB(Q)
100 1200 950 210 40
101 1400 50
102 1590 60
103 1770 70
104 1940 80
105 2100 90
106 2250 100
107 2390 110
108 2520 120
109 2640 130
110 2750 140

Complete the above table by filling in all the blank areas using the data given. Next, use Excel to provide a graph of Total Benefits and Costs and a graph of Marginal benefits and costs. Given the table, and the developed graphs, discuss your results.

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