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    Poems of Shakespeare, Donne and Dryden

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    Poems by William Shakespeare, John Donne and John Dryden are assessed in terms of qualities of the poets' voices.

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    Please allow some of my notes to help you to create your journal entry that carefully evaluates the writing:

    First, you might choose "Song for Saint Cecilia's Day" by John Dryden. Here is the poem:

    From harmony, from heavenly harmony
    This universal frame began:
    When Nature underneath a heap
    Of jarring atoms lay,
    And could not heave her head,
    The tuneful voice was heard from high,
    "Arise, ye more than dead!"
    Then cold and hot, and moist and dry,
    In order to their stations leap,
    And Music's power obey.
    From harmony, from heavenly harmony
    This universal frame began:
    From harmony to harmony
    Through all the compass of the notes it ran,
    The diapason closing full in Man.
    What passion cannot Music raise and quell?
    When Jubal struck the chorded shell
    His listening brethren stood around,
    And, wondering, on their faces fell
    To worship that celestial sound.
    Less than a god they thought there could not dwell
    Within the hollow of that shell
    That spoke so sweetly and so well.
    What passion cannot Music raise and quell?
    The trumpet's loud clangour
    Excites us to arms,
    With shrill notes of anger
    And mortal alarms.
    The double double double beat
    Of the thundering drum
    Cries "Hark! the foes come;
    Charge, charge, 'tis too late to retreat!"
    The soft complaining flute
    In dying notes discovers
    The woes of hopeless lovers,
    Whose dirge is whispered by the warbling lute.
    Sharp violins proclaim
    Their jealous pangs and desperation,
    Fury, ...

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    This posting compares how poems utilize romantic features to express theme and voice.