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    CISC Versus RISC Computer Architecture

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    Discuss the differences, strengths, and weaknesses in CISC Architecture and RISC Architecture.

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    CISC Architecture: (Complex Instruction Set Computer)
    This kind of architecture is a machine with a CPU that is able to execute a large number of complex instructions although many of them are technically redundant.

    RISC Architecture: (Reduced Instruction Set Computer)
    In this kind of architecture the machine's CPU is designed to execute a minimum set of instructions.

    The instructions in both cases are machine-level instructions or machine instruction, which are encoded as bit patterns.

    Strengths of CISC:
    - The CPU is easier to program because a single instruction can be used to achieve a task unlike the RISC.
    - ...

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    This article gives the definition of CISC architecture and RISC architecture, and talks about the differences, strengths, and weaknesses of each. It also provides examples of real life applications of each. The solution is 400 words with one reference.