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Multiuser database applications

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Describe the issues that arise from concurrency. What are the main concerns when multiple users have access to the same data? How does a DBMS handle these situations? What is locking? How is it resolved?

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Multiuser database application problems are noted.

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Multiuser database applications encounter concurrency problems whenever several users try to access or update the same data at the same time. Concurrency has to do with separate processes or users, running or operating at the same time, trying to use the same data item(s).

In a well-developed DBMS, concurrency issues are resolved by using locks. Locking can prevent one process from reading data that is being changed by another process, and it can prevent a process from changing data that is about to be changed by another concurrent process.

Locking provides the benefit of ensuring correct data, but it also makes the other concurrent applications wait to apply their changes. The application design trade-off is to carefully lock what you ...

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