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    Understanding Excel - Identifying Variables

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    Details: Your Aunt Sally has entered all of her stuffed animal data into an Excel workbook. She took your advice and used headings to organize the information. She now wants to have the information sorted in the fields Name, Date Purchased, Purchase Price, Color, Size, and Location for each of her stuffed animals. In addition, her husband, your Uncle Bob, wants to know how much money she has invested in this hobby, and her daughter wants to know the date she started this collection.

    Sally would also like to be able to quickly identify what stuffed animals were bought before the year 2000. Advise her regarding how she can accomplish these tasks.

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    After Aunt Sally has entered the fields:

    Date Purchased
    Purchase Price

    She now can add the purchase price column. To do so: skip a line in the column "Purchase Price" because this will the be total Aunt Sally has invested in the stuffed animal. To total: go to the Total line in the column (see previous sentence). Select ...

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    The solution shows in steps how to identify specific variables in excel by using the columns and excel tools.