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Project Management Elements of Planning

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What are important elements to plan before beginning a project? Cite one or more examples of projects that succeeded or failed based on good or poor planning. What lessons should be learned from these case studies?

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Important Elements to Plan before beginning a Project

Important Elements to Plan before beginning a Project
Project is a single-shot set of activities having a definite beginning and ending points. The activities of a project are performed in a particular order as they have precedence relationships. The key concept of a project is that it is a onetime happening, a happening that will not be replicated daily, weekly or monthly in changing organization resources into goods or services (Lock, 2007). Project is an organized program of activities carried out to reach a defined goal, often of a non-recurring nature with a specified terminal point but a project cannot be accomplished without an appropriate planning as in present each and every task of organizations requires pre-planning.
Before beginning a project, it is essential to plan various elements as without the ...

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The project management elements of planning are examined.

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