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    a hierarchy chart of modules and a flow chart

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    Part 1

    You manage a dog-walking service, in which you interact with both clients and dog walkers. Your task is to schedule dog-walking appointments based on the clients' requested dates and times and the availability of the dog walkers. Once a dog walker has been assigned for a particular appointment, the appointment has to be confirmed with both the client and the dog walker. Finally, the client has to be billed and the dog walker has to be paid.

    Part 2:

    Write down which variables you would need in order to write a software application for dog walking scheduling, and identify the data type for each variable.

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    Dear Student,

    In response to your question above: five different tables, its attributes and data types have been created and defined, as well as the associated hierarchy chart and flow chart. Although there are no right or wrong answers to these type of questions, it is only a proposal.

    Hierarchy chart
    (see attached file)

    Client table (attributes & data ...

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    A hierarchy chart of modules and a flow chart are demonstrated.