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    Excel S2-P3

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    1. Complete the invoice using the following information:
    a. Key the current date in G6 October 5,2005
    b. Each custom costume fee is $2,500.00. Enter this value in F15:F19
    c. Total the costume fees in F20
    d. A transportation and storage container for each of the five costumes is $75.00.
    Enter the appropriate formula in F22 that will calculate the fee for five
    e. Enter in F23 the delivery for all five costumes as $112.50
    f. Enter the formula in F24 that will add the total for the costume fees with the
    additional charges.
    g. Enter the formula in F25 that will calculate 7% GST (Goods and Services Tax) on the total including additional charges.
    h. Enter the formula to total the invoice in F26 as the sum of F24 and F25
    i. Forma the worksheet to improve the appearance of the invoice.

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