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    Disposal of old computers

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    What would be some considerations that oraginizations must be aware of and plan for disposing of old equipmnet? What are some methods that would best work for the orgainization? What would be an appropiate outlined for this and provide a cost-effective means of protection.
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    Many organizations have been collecting obsolete computers for years. With the rapid development of computers and related equipment, an organization may have to dispose of old computers from time to time. If the equipment can't be upgraded by adding more memory or by giving it a new processor board, it is best to find a home where it can be of some use.

    Most of the environmental concerns with computers lie with the monitor, specifically its cathode ray tube (CRT). Each color monitor contains, on average, four to five pounds of lead, which is considered hazardous waste when disposed of. Computers also contain other hazardous materials, including mercury, cadmium (a known carcinogen) and hexavalent chromium (shown to cause high blood pressure, iron-poor blood, liver disease and nerve and brain damage in animals).


    Organizations should develop a plan for the proper disposal of computer ...

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    Disposal of old computers is debated.