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    Simple pseudocode to calculate produce sale

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    1. Let us say you are a farmer and you participate in Farmers Market every Sunday. You bring 5 favorite vegetables or fruits for sale. You are going to use a program for checking out customers. You can choose your favorite 5 vegetables/fruits as your items.
    2. Assume that all items are priced per-pound. As soon as the program starts, it should prompt for and get the prices of those items.
    3. Then, it should allow the user to do checkout operation again & again until the user decides to quit.
    4. As part of checkout operation, another loop should be used for product selection: list all 5 products & their prices, and let the user choose a product & enter weight. You should keep repeating this product loop until the user indicates to complete the checkout. Then, compute the total purchase cost based on the input values and display it. If the total purchase exceeds $50, apply 5% discount to the total.

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