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    Designing Basic BMI Calculator

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    Design a modularized Body Mass Index (BMI) Program which will calculate the BMI of a team player. The formula to calculate the BMI is as follows:

    BMI = Weight * 703/Height2

    Your program design should contain the following:
    - A method to obtain the weight of a player
    - A method to obtain the height of a player
    - A method to calculate the BMI of a player
    - A method to display the calculated BMI
    - A main method

    You are to submit, as a Microsoft Word Document, the following:

    1. Flowchart
    2. Pseudocode

    Make sure to use meaningful variable names and thoroughly comment your code where appropriate.

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    This posting contains a flowchart that traces the BMI calculator code as well as the pseudocode that can be used to contruct the actual methods.