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    Write a Program in Perl to Validate Input Temperature

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    1. Physicists tell us that the lowest possible temperature is absolute zero. Absolute zero is -459.69 degrees Fahrenheit.

    a. Accept inputs from the user: a beginning temperature, an ending temperature, and an increment value (all Fahrenheit).

    b. Check for bad input: a temperature less than absolute zero and an ending temperature less than a beginning temperature. The program will send a message to STDERR if either condition is detected.

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    Following is the Temperature program.
    chomp simply removes the newline character from the string.
    The first if statement checks if $end is less than $beg and the second if statement checks
    if either of them is less than the Absolute Zero temperature.
    Remember, we are dealing with negative numbers and -1 is greater than -2!
    Also, ...

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