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A complex SQL query including string comparsion

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I have written the following query:
SELECT FirstName, LastName,(0.8*(Quiz1+Quiz2+Quiz3)+MidTermPoints+1.2*FinalExam) as Score
FROM Students, QuizScores, TestScores
WHERE Students.StudentID = QuizScores.StudentID AND Students.StudentID = TestScores.StudentID AND QuizScores.StudentID = TestScores.StudentID AND Major LIKE '%A%' OR '%C%'

This is suppose to indicate the first name, last name, and score of the course of students who have a major that contains an 'A' or 'C' in it in descending order. I was required to combine three tables (students, quizscores, and testscore) to get the answer. I did something wrong, and not all students with 'A' or 'C' in their majors is showing up when I input my queries into the SQL program.

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The condition has two parts. The first part links all of the tables based on StudentID. The second part checks for those students with a Major that matches the given pattern.

The first part can be done with the following:

(Students.StudentID = ...

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This solution explains a complex SQL query. The query has string comparison and Boolean expressions.