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Objects and Classes in an ATM System

The ATM system has the following business purpose.

- To provide the convenient withdrawal service in everywhere, even if user don't come to a bank

The problem statement for the project is as follows:

Each bank provides its own computer to maintain its own accounts and process transactions against them. With this system, a client must first open account before he can use ATM. The opening account involves the client providing his Personal information, and SSI. A client may open one or more accounts for deposit ,withdraw, transfer money between checking and saving account. The client can check the account status 24 hours a day.

When the client deposit/withdraw money. The client must specify which account and the amount. Then ATMs communicate with a central computer which clears transactions with the appropriate banks. An ATM accepts a cash card, interacts with the user, communicates with the central system to carry out the transaction, dispenses cash, and prints receipts. The system requires appropriate recordkeeping and security provisions. The system must handle concurrent accesses to the same account correctly. The banks will provide their own software for their own computers.

ATM system

(see diagram in attachment)

The functional requirements are organized in two sections; First requirements of the ATM and second requirements of the bank computer.
* Requirements of the ATM
- authorization process
- transaction (withdrawal process)

* Requirements of the bank computer
- authorization process (bank code and password)
- transaction

The non-functional requirement is bellowed.
* The ATM network has to be available 24 hours a day.
* Each bank may be processing transactions from several ATMs at the same time.
* The ATM must be able to use several data formats according to the data formats that are provided by the database of different banks.