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Benefits of DNS & Issues in Configuring or Maintaining DNS

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Some time has passed and Jan and Kim have decided that they need to create an Intranet. They intend to implement a Web server for internal use. They realize that they need to implement at least one DNS server.

Explain the benefits of using DNS. Also explain to them how DNS is used on the Internet as they are also considering Internet connectivity.

Provide them with a proposed domain for their company, JKLevering, Inc. along with detailed instructions on how it would be set up.

Explain what potential issues exist when configuring or maintaining DNS? Include recommendations for connecting to the Internet. Discuss security concerns introduced with Internet connectivity and with DNS.

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DNS is used to associate domain names with IP addresses, and can be used for both the public Internet and a private intranet. DNS maps human-readable domain names (or hostnames/URLs) to computer-readable IP addresses. For example, www.google.com maps to This way, users do not have to remember the actual IP address of an online resource they are trying to access, and the domain names remain the same regardless of routing changes.

Jan and Kim's company is called JKLevering, Inc., and since it is an available domain, jklevering.com would be a good choice as their domain name. In order to set up this domain name, they would need to find a registrar service company and register this domain. Since they have their own web server, they will not require hosting services (such as from GoDaddy or Dreamhost), as only the ...

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This solution discusses the benefits of DNS as well as potential issues associated with configuring or maintaining DNS.