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    Use a stack to reverse the contents of a file

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    File Reverser
    Write a program that opens a text file and reads its contents into a stack of characters. The program should then pop the characters from the stack and save them in a second text file. The order of the characters saved in the second file should be the reverse of their order in the first file.

    Requirement: stack class implementation (with push/pop) to accept input file of any size

    Hint: Use dynamic stack implementation to accept input file with any size

    you can use/modify LinkedList class in stack implementation

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    The first thing that needs to be done is that the LinkedList that is
    included with the posting needs to be changed to store characters
    instead of integers. This primarily requires changing the type of the
    data field in the Node class. We also need to change the DeleteAtHead
    and DeleteAtTail methods so that they return the deleted ...

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    This solutions shows how to reverse the characters in a file using a stack. It is a good example of how a stack is implemented and used.