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    Writing a Java Program

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    I need assistance in creating a GUI front end for a pizza ordering program similar to that shown below. The result should look something like that presented in enclosed Figure. it must use a JComboBox to display the available pizza toppings (listed below), and when the Add to Order button is clicked, the selected toppings should be added one by one to the JList (this component uses the JScrollPane to allow the user to see their complete order). The Clear button should clear all fields on the form except for the toppings in the combo box, and the Submit button should display a JOptionPane with an error message if any of the fields are blank on the form except for the delivery checkbox. If all fields are filled and the Submit button is clicked, a JOptionPane should display the user's name and address with a message thanking them for their order.

    I am enclosing the details of the problem which is for your kind review and necessary assistance please.

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