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    Nested-if Statement (Java): Calculating a productivity bonus

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    Write a Java program making use of nested if statement, that calculates an employee's productivity bonus and prints the employee's name and bonus. Bonus is calculated based on an employee's productivity score as shown in table below.

    Productivity score| Bonus
    <=30| $50
    31-69| $75
    70-199| $100
    >=200| $200

    A productivity score is calculated by first dividing an employee's transactions dollar value by the number of transactions and then dividing the result by the number of shifts worked.


    Employee's name: Kim Smith
    Number of shifts: 25
    Number of transactions: 75
    Transaction dollar value: 40000.00

    For above given parameters, program should revert with following result.

    Employee Name: Kim Smith
    Employee Bonus: $50.0

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