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Display text on mouse click using plain HTML

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I have a problem where I am supposed to make a 3x3 table with columns and rows numbered 1,2,3. Each table cell has to have identical width and height of 50 pixels and initially all cells are empty. That part I have done.

However, clicking on table cell that is at the intersection of column number i and row number j should display the value of the sum i+j at the center of this cell. This should work by clicking on any cell point, that is, anywhere within that cell.

But I am supposed to use ONLY PLAIN HTML instructions, no JavaScript, no CSS, no Java or any other scripting or programming language.

How can I add that functionality to my table?
Any tips are appreciated. I just need to know what technique to use, I can probably implement it by myself.

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Solution attachment has been tested working in Firefox (v11.0) and Opera (v11.62) browsers, but it should work with any standard browser that supports the HTML element property used in the solution.

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Attached example (487073.html) demonstrates how the value of a table cell can be altered on a mouse click using only plain HTML instructions (no JavaScript, no CSS, no Java or any other scripting or programming language). Please ...

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