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    Remote Access Service (RAS)

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    On a Word document, answer the following questions with respect to the Remote Access Service (RAS).

    ? What technologies are currently in use for Remote Access?
    ? Research the RAS technologies of at least one company.
    ? For whom is RAS primarily allowed?
    ? How are new people oriented to using the RAS?
    ? What is the authentication technology in place for RAS?

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    a)Technologies used for RAS
     Frame-relay
     ISDN

    Frame-relay is the virtual circuit technology that provides the (physical and data link layer) service in response to the following demands such as the Higher data rate at the Lower cost ,Bursty data and Less overhead due to the Improved transmission media. Frame relay can provide both the permanent and switched connections.
    Advantages of the Frame Relay

    • Frame relay operates at higher speed of the 1.544 mbps.
    • Frame Relay allows the brusty data
    • In RAS the frame relay allow the frame size of the 9000 frames.
    • Frame relay is less expensive than that of the other RAS technologies,

    Integrated service digital network was developed by the ITU-T in 1976. It is a set of the protocols that combined the digital telephony and the data transport services. The whole idea is to digitize the telephone network to permit the transmission of the audio, video over the existing telephone lines,
    Various services provide by the ISDN are the Bearer services, Teleservices and
    supplementary services.

    To provide the RAS ISDN are organizes into the different sizes, The ISDN define the three channel types each with a different transmission rates.
    • Bearer Channel that is defined at a rate of 64 kbps.
    • Data Channel can be either of the 16 or 64 kbps.
    • Hybrid Channel are available with a data rates of the 38 kbps, 1536 kbps

    c) Research of ...

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