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    Integration of Functional Information Systems

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    Attached "Minicase 2 - Musco Food Uses IT to Improve Sales and Operations" discusses the integration of functional information systems across a large organization. Particular attention is paid to issues of the importance of real-time computing and the ability of IT integration to reduce operational errors.

    Based on this mini-case answer the questions 1-4 at the end of the case.

    1. Identify the real-time activities.
    2. How is customer service improved?
    3. Which functional information systems need to be integrated to support the new system?
    4. Which types of errors were eliminated?

    Support your answer with specific references to all resources used in its preparation.

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    Question 1: Identify the real-time activities
    Answer 1: The real activities are as such:
    - Locating product images on the smart phones
    - Displaying product images on the smart phones
    - Accessing inventory availability at customer site
    - Accessing an order entry e-form
    - Filling an order entry e-form
    - Submitting an order entry e-form
    - Generating an electronic invoice
    - Accessing the price changes and promotions
    - Accessing customer accounts receivable balances
    Question 2: How is the customer service improved?
    Answer 2: Due to real time access to the inventory and order placing supported by the new Treo system the salesmen can quickly gather information required to fill orders and submit them for processing on the spot. They do not have to travel back and forth to their car which saves a considerable amount of time, and less opportunity for human error in managing the number of products on a specific order. Customers are shown their orders in real-time and corrections can be made right away before orders can be ...

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    In the information systems identify the real time activites, identify the risks and errors as well as mitigation strageties used.