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Data Fields and Tables: The Apartment Management Database System

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Design of a relational database system for the Phoenix Rising Apartment rental company.

The apartment rental business is made up of three different buildings. Building One and Two have three floors each, with 5 apartments on each floor. Building Three has five floors, with 5 apartments each.

The company has a total of six employees: A manager, two rental agents and three maintenance workers.

The manager has a list of suppliers for purchasing products such as furniture, computers, office supplies, building hardware...etc

The following is a list of tasks that the company expects out of the new database:

• Keep track of agents and the leases they sign. The agents do not share leases.
• Keep track of renters (Note: Renters have their address and phone numbers on file).
• Keep track of the apartments and buildings.
• Keep track of maintenance orders. Several maintenance workers can work on the same job.
• Keep track of furniture and hardware suppliers, who are managed by the business manager.
• Keep track of products bought, which are mainly handled by the manager.
Note: Products from a certain category can be bought from more than one supplier. In other words, it is possible for them to purchase 2 computers from 2 different places.

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