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HTML: Creating a Simple Web Page

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Create a simple web-page designed to meet the following requirements:

1. Title Is on Dog Grooming
2. Headings of three different sizes
3. Two instances of bold text
4. Two instances of italicized text
5. Two instances of a horizontal rule
6. One list: ordered, unordered, or definition
7. Two graphics
8. Three links to outside Web pages
9. Four attributes affecting an HTML element
10. One contact email link
11. Four paragraphs of text, separated by line breaks
12. Two comment tags
13. Your name, course name, date, and instructor's name

Font, structure, alignment, and color preferences are up to you, the student Web developer, and may be used as attributes.

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This solution creates a simple web-page. This simple web-page can be created using a simple editor such as Notepad. A detailed explanation is also attached along with the solution.