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create an Internet site to market a Hot Air ballooning business

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GNE409 Internet Technology
Assignment Semester 2

You are to create an Internet site to market a Hot Air ballooning business called "Hot Air - We're Full of It!" that operates in the Melbourne market, but books exclusively on the Internet.

This website will include pull-down menus, buttons and flash animations.

The Web site (40 marks)

1. The Internet site should have between 6 and 10 pages.

2. Required Web Pages
a) An "about me" page to provide an insight into you as the owner of the site. Include
an image.
b) A client side form that potential customers can request a business brochure.
c) A splash page using flash that is linked to an index page.
d) An index page or a page where you are able to navigate to other pages within your site
e) Appropriate WebPages that provide specific information about various aspects of the business.
3. The website must be demonstrated by its author and special functions explained on

4. These are to include:
♥ Appropriate Drop down menu
♥ links to an email
♥ Flash animation
~ Animated text "Hot Air - We're Full of it!"
~ Animated graphics
♥ Form page
♥ Pop up windows
♥ Buttons
♥ Dynamic features

DUE Date: Due in CLASS November ____. It will not be possible to extend this assignment.

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Solution Summary

Ideas to create an Internet site to market a Hot Air ballooning business are given.

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