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Inventory Units Purchase Reports

1. Dana Hirsch, manager of The Waterfront Bistro, has asked you to review the Inventory Units Purchased report and modify it to make it more readable and to view as much data as possible in one window.

2. Make the following changes:
a. Freeze panes so you can scroll the worksheet without losing the column and row headings.
b. Change the zoom so you can view a much of the worksheet as possible to minimize scrolling. Make sure the cells are still readable. (Note:Depending on your monitor size, change the Custom setting to a value between 50% and 80%.)
c. Adjust all column widths to the length of the longest entry. (Autofit)
d. Change the color of the shading behind the title Inventory Units Purchased. You determine the color.
e. Change the font color and the shading color for A2:O2. You determine the colors.
3. Change the page orientation to landscape. (Hint:Do this at the Page Setup dialog box with Page tab selected.)

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The inventory units for purchase reports are examined. The change for zoom for minimizing scrolling worksheets are determined.