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    A C# Program to Analyze Distance Traveled by Basketball Team

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    You are performing some analysis on a basketball league, and would like to know the relationship between how far a team has to travel from home and how often it wins.

    You have the following two files, which are dos-pipe (|) delimited containing data with row headers:
    Team File: Fields are TeamID, TeamName, TeamArenaAddress
    Win File: Fields are TeamID, Year, Wins

    Assume that in a given year, every team plays every other team twice, once at its own arena, and once at the other team's arena.

    <<Problem>> Create a dataset that with the following fields: TeamName, TotalDistanceTraveled. The field TotalDistanceTraveled should measure the distance the given team travels in a single year, in kilometers. This dataset should be ordered from the team which travels the most to the team which travels the least. Geocoding and distance calculations should be performed via code, and not done manually.

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    Dear student. Please find attached the complete C# project. The executable is located within the bindebug folder if you wish to run it without Visual Studio. All code is in Program.cs. The program execution looks like shown below. A webservice provided by http://maps.googleapis.com/maps is used ...

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    The program will read information from files about the basketball teams that includes team name and address. It will then calculate how much distance each team travels during the season and will output these results.