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1. Cross (2007) discusses the advantages for a software company to release beta versions instead of final versions of products. What is Cross's reasoning? Do you agree with it? Explain why some companies may avoid beta releases from software companies.

2. Read the "Q&A with Bjarne Stroustrup..." article (2007) and pick one of Stroustrup's comments about programming languages or programming practices. Explain his point of view and the significance of the issue from a software development perspective. Support your answer with a real-world example.

In order for me to complete my paper I need some answers to these questions at t least 200 words for each questions if possible.

Thanks and look for your superior response.

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For No.1:

According to Jay Cross, there are numerous benefits of releasing out beta versions of software products instead of the final versions of the software. In his article "Forever Beta" published on December 2007 by Chief Learning Officer magazine, he pointed out that release beta versions will make the end-users or customers the participants in the software development. This way, the product develops faster and more inclined to user preferences. When end users all over the world try the beta software, they can evaluate the performance and make comments, criticisms and suggestions out of it. These collective thoughts give the developers the necessary ideas on how to further improve the parts of the software: what to add, what to remove and what to alter. Since there is an involvement of multiple testers for the beta software release, the changes and modifications to the software will be ...

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