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C++ program using parallel vectors

Write a program to keep track of a hardware store's inventory. The sore sell various items. For each item in the store the following information is kept: item ID, item name, number of pieces ordered, number of pieces currently in the store, number of pieces sold, manufacturer's price for the item, and the stores selling price. At the end of the week the store manager would like to see a printed report.

The total inventory is the total selling value of all the items currently in the store. The total number of items is the sum of the number of pieces of all the items in the store.

The program must be menu driven giving the users various choices such as checking whether an item is in the store, selling an item and printing the report. After inputing the data, sort it according to the items names. Also, after an item is sold, update the appropriate counts.

Initially, the number of pieces (of an item) in the store is the same as the number of pieces ordered, and the number of pieces of an item sold is zero. Input to the program is a file consisting of data in the following form: ItemID, ItemName, pOrdered, manufPrice, sellingPrice.

Use seven parallel vectors to store the information. The program must contain at least the following functions: one to input data into the vectors, one to display the menu, one to sell an item and one to print the report for the manager.

Since I am just learning C++ the solution may need to be "dummied down" a little bit (or a lot) so that I can understand how the code is working.

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A C++ program is developed to keep track of a hardware store's inventory. Using parallel vectors is demonstrated.