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Business Accounting System in C++

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The idea is to write an accounting system in C++ for a business, the proposed business is a lawnmower business.

Three areas that need covering that I need help with are:

1) Main function, this will provide the menu interface to get to all the rest of them, it will basically be a switch statement that calls the other functions and returns their values.

2) Square foot to acreage and acreage to square foot conversion, this function should take a numeric value and an alphabetic value and convert from one to the other. calculations to be in square footage for final pricing.

3) Mowing price calculation - based on the acreage come up with a price. Lets say that 1/4 acre (10,890 square feet) is our minimum at $29.99, so any area less than that gets the minimum price, but anything over can go in tenths of an acre (1089 square feet) at $6 per tenth additional.

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The solution creates a business accounting system in the programming language C++. The program has a main function, discusses the square foot to acreage and mowing price calculation for a lawn mowing business.