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Situation or problem that would use a decision structure and a loop

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Please describe a situation or problem that could lead to a decision structure and a loop.

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A Decision Structure is the code that makes a program do different things

Computers are sometimes called, "Thinking Machines" and the main thing that has to happen when a computer is "thinking" is decision making or problem solving. As thus decision making with a computer is when 'decision structure and looping' comes into play.

Problem Solving

· In the most general terms, problem solving involves finding a sequence of steps that allow one to move from a given starting point to the goal.
· In order to take a step one must know what options, or operations, are available.
· There are a number of well defined operations for procedural programming.

Control Structures

· How are instructions arranged so that a computer ...

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This job describes a situation or problem that would use a decision structure and a loop.

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