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Design and Execute a Payroll System

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You are an accountant setting up a payroll system for a small firm. Each line of the table in Appendix G indicates an employee's salary range and corresponding base tax amount and tax percentage. Given a salary amount, the tax is calculated by adding the base tax for that salary range and the product of percentage of excess and the amount of salary over the minimum salary for that range.

? Design a program that solves this problem

In the following example, the second line of the table specifies that tax due on a salary of $2000.00 is $225.00 plus 16% of excess salary over $1500.00 (that is, 16% of $500.00). Therefore, the total tax is $225.00 + $80.00, or $305.00.

(see chart in attached file)

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I have designed the control structure which should be self explanatory. You can directly code it into any programming language of your choice or requirement.
I am sure you will learn a lot by attempting to code it yourself. If you need help please reserve it for me as I am in a perfect position to guide you with that.

Hope it helps.

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