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Using Classes

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Revernd Zeller developed a formula for computing the day of the week on which a given date fell or will fall. Suppose that we let a, b, c, and d be integers defined as follows:
a = the number of a month of the year, with March = 1, April = 2, and so on, with January and February being counted as months 11 and 12 of the preceeding year.
b = the day of the month
c = the year of the century
d = the century

For example, July 31, 1929 gives a = 5, b = 31, c = 29, d = 19; January 3, 1988 gives a = 11, b = 3, c = 87, d = 19. Noe calculate the following integer quantaties:
w = the inter quotient (13a - 1)/5
x = the integer quotient c/4
y = the integer quotient d/4
z = w + y + b + c - 2d
r = z reduced modulo 7; that is, r is the remainder of z divided by 7: r = 0 represents Sunday; r = 1 represents Monday, and so on

Write a function day_of_the_Week () that receives the name of a month, the day of the month, and a year and returns the name of the day of the week on which that date fell or will fall. Write a program that inputs several strings representing dates, calls the function day_of_the_Week() and displays the day returned by the function.

a. Verify that December 12, 1960 fell on a Monday, and that January 1 1991 fell on a Tuesday.
b. On what day of the week did January 25, 1963 fall?
c. On what day of the week did June 2, 1964 fall?
d. On what day of the week did July 4, 1776 fall?
e. On what day of the was February 8, 1962?

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