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C program using functions, switch statements, if statements

I have a hard time getting started. The program is to help a student learn multiplication. I have to use the rand function to produce two positive one-digit integers. The program should type a question such as:
How much is 6 times 7?

The student will then type the answer. The program will then check the answer . If it is correct, print one of the following messages:

Very Good!
Nice Work!
Keep up the good work!

And then ask another multiplication question. If the answer is wrong, print one of the following messages:

No. Please try again/
Wrong. Try once more.
Don't Give up.
No. Keep trying.
Then let the student try the same question again repeatedly, until the student gets it right.

I will have to come with two functions to print the messages. Write a function to print one of the messages when the correct answer is entered and a function to print one of the messages when it is the wrong answer..

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The C code is as follows. It is also attached as a C file.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

/* Print message if the answer is correct */
void PrintCorrect()
msg[4]=[ "Very Good!",
"Nice Work!",
"Keep up the good work!"];
int ...