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IBM's Watson in Jeopardy

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In February of 2011, IBM built and tested a program called Watson to play against humans in the popular TV game show, Jeopardy. Do a Google search with the terms 'ibm', 'watson', 'jeopardy' and answer the following:

While Jeopardy is a fun game, and while the explicit goal is to build a program to beat a human champion at the game, the real goal for building Watson is different and multi-fold. Discuss some of the research goals driving IBM in the creation of Watson.

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IBM's main objective or intention for introducing Watson in Jeopardy was to explore future potential application of Watson in areas such as:
1) Improving customer service at automated call centers.
2) Improve health care delivery by offering solutions with a high level of certainty.
3) Application in legal environment for interpreting statutes by textualists.

The main aim of researchers was to develop and test a system that can emulate human thinking process. The researchers at IBM believed that Watson's successful testing in the game can lead to manifold applications of the system in fields ranging from customer service to healthcare and legal environment. Watson's introduction on Jeopardy was an attempt by marketers at IBM to introduce and test this new big data tool in public. IBM wanted to establish Watson as an information seeking tool that ...

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The solution discusses real objectives of IBM behind participation in Jeopardy game with its Watson system.

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