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Struct Villian and copyVillian function

Suppose I have declared the following struct:

struct Villian {
int wit;
int stealth;
int slainCount;
int slainCap;
string* victimsSlain;

Also assume the existence of a function copyVillian (as declared below) that takes two Villian params, one called orig and the other called copycat, and makes copycat a deep copy of orig.

void copyVillian (struct Villian * orig, struct Villian * copycat);

Please explain and tutor for the below.

1. Show how you would use the above copyVillian function to create a copy of sharpay called sharpaysMoreEvilTwin.

2. Now create a new Villian value called badGuy that you declare dynamically. Then, set badGuy's values as follows:
wit: 31 stealth: 25 slainCap: 4
slainCount: 2
victimsSlain[0]: Garko
victimsSlain[1]: Sparko

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// Declare the structure variable sharpaysMoreEvilTwin first.
struct Villian sharpaysMoreEvilTwin;

// Assuming that the structure variable sharpay is already declared and
// properly initialised, here is how we can ...

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