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    Program Algorithm

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    Problem 1

    Compare and contrast the WHILE loop and the FOR loop.
    Your discussion should identify the similarities, differences, advantages, and disadvantages of each structure.
    Which data structure do you consider to be more robust? Why?

    Problem 2

    Design a calculator program that will add, subtract, multiply, or divide two numbers input by a user.

    Your program design should contain the following:
    - The main menu of your program is to continue to prompt the user for an arithmetic choice until the user enters a sentinel value to quit the calculator program.
    - When the user chooses an arithmetic operation (i.e. addition) the operation is to continue to be performed (i.e. prompting the user for each number, displaying the result, prompting the user to add two more different numbers) until the user enters a sentinel value to end the chosen arithmetic operation.
    - If the user chooses division, do not allow the user to divide by 0. Display an error message to user and ask the user to choose another denominator.

    You are to submit, as a Microsoft Word Document, the following for this assignment:
    1. Pseudocode
    2. Flowchart

    Remember to follow the guidelines of good program design. Make sure to use meaningful variable names and thoroughly comment each line of your code. You may only use techniques learned in Modules One, Two and Three.

    Below is a screen output sample:

    Welcome to the Calculation Program

    (1) Addition
    (2) Subtraction
    (3) Multiplication
    (4) Division
    (Q) Quit Program

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