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Division in normalized floating point representation

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Computer Organization
Floating Point Representation of Numbers (XVII)

Divide in normalized floating point representation:
(a) .6123 E -07 by .2132 E -03
(b) .8642 E 02 by .2562 E 02

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This solution is comprised of a detailed explanation to divide in normalized floating point representation.
It contains step-by-step explanation for the following problem:
Divide in normalized floating point representation:
(a) .6123 E -07 by .2132 E -03
(b) .8642 E 02 by .2562 E 02

Solution contains detailed step-by-step explanation.

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Floating Point Representation of Numbers (XVII)

Written by :- Thokchom Sarojkumar Sinha

Divide in normalised floating point representation:
(a) .6123 E -07 by .2132 E -03
(b) .8642 E 02 by .2562 E 02

Solution :- We know that (x×10α)/(y×10β) = (x/y)10α-β (y ≠0)
For dividing a number by another number ,
(i) divide the mantissa of the first number by the mantissa of the second number to obtained the mantissa of the quotient.
(ii) Subtract the exponent of the second number from the exponent of the first number to
obtain the exponent of the quotient.
Then the quotient is given by using the normalised floating point representation.

(a) .6123 E ...

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