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Working with concentrations -

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1) a biological test pond has a volume of 2500 L and a sulfate concentration of 0.002mM. Two liters of 3M sulfuric acid are added to pond. What is the concentration of sulfate in the test pond?

2) a solution contains the protein insulin at a concentration of 5 mg/ml. You wish to transfer 2 microliters of insulin to another tube. How much of the original solution should be transferred?

3) explain how you would make a 100ml solution of 0.07 M NaCl MW OF NaCl is 58.4

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1)Number of moles of Sulfate in the test pond
<br>= Molarity * Liter of solvent
<br>= 0.002 * 10^-3 * 2500 = 0.005 moles
<br>Similarly number of moles of sulphate in the 2 liter 3M sulphuric acid is
<br>= 3 * 2 = 6 moles
<br>Therefore, after mixing, the total moles of sulphate present in the pond is
<br>= 6 + 0.005 = 6.005 moles
<br>Now the volume of the solution is 2500 + 2 = 2502 liters
<br>therefore ...

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