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    Water Solubility of a chemical

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    What is the structure of Terpin hydrate and what occurs when H2O is added to it?
    Does it become more water soluble or less?

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    The chemical formula for Terpin hydrate is: C10H18(OH)2.H2O

    It is also called: 4-Hydroxy-alpha,alpha,4-trimethylcyclohexane methanol monohydrate.

    The structure of the compound is attached as a *.jpg and a *.doc file.

    It is not very soluble in water. In fact 1gm of Terpin Hydrate dissolves in ...

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    Two part question related to water solubility. The answer includes a picture (in jpeg format) and a *.doc file that has the structure of Terpin hydrate. The solution also provides some background (with references) on the uses of terpin hydrate. As well, the solution addresses the second part of the question and explains how solubility is determined.