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The Initial Rate of Acetylaldehyde

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1. The initial rate of acetylaldehyde, CH3CHO at 600ºC is
CH↓3CHO(g) → CH↓4(g) + CO(g)

Was measured at a series of concentrations with the following results:
[CH3CHO] 0.10M 0.20M 0.30M 0.40M
Rate(mol/L?s) 0.085 0.34 0.76 1.4

Using these data, determine the reaction order; that is, determine the value of m in the equation: Rate = k[CH ↓3CHO]^m

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You have to compare the rates with the concentrations, and see how they change as you hold k ...

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This solution compares rates with concentrations, observing how they change as k is held constant.