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Gibbs Phase Rule

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What is the consequence (what does it mean?) when a system has zero degrees of freedom as calculated by the Gibbs Phase Rule? What do I need to conclude about such a system?

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The Gibbs Phase Rule describes the possible number of degrees of freedom in a (closed) system at equilibrium, in terms of the number of separate phases and ...

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The expert analyzes Gibbs phase rules. The consequences are found.

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Gibb's Phase Rule

I have a problem understanding the degrees of freedom for two binary diagrams because they have different degrees of freedoms in some parts of the diagram and I don't get why they have that. It would be great if you could explain if this is because of less chemical potential equilibrium or from less variables from the derivation of degrees of freedom that I have attached in the question. It is taken from Atkins physical chemistry. Question is attached.

It would be great if you could answer with computer signs.

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