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Conditional Formation constant - EDTA

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Question 1:
a) How many millimeters of 0.0700 M EDTA are required to react with 50.0 mL of 0.0140 M Cu2+?

b) With 50.0 mL of 0.0140 M Sc3+?

Question 2:

a) Find the conditional formation constant for Sr(EDTA)2- at pH 11.00, where log Kf is 8.72 and αY4- is 0.81. = _________

b) Find the concentration of free Sr2+ in 0.65 M Na2[Sr(EDTA)] at pH 11.00. [Sr2+] = ________M


The conditional formation constant is given by

Where is the fraction of EDTA in the form Y4- at the given pH, and Kf is the formation constant for the given metal-EDTA complex.

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You have to use the conditional formation constant in order to find the free concentration of Sr2+. Assuming all the initial concentration forms product, you then assume some of the product forms reactant.

Question 1:
a) ...

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