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    AP Chemistry Test Review: Gases

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    31. A sample of H2 gas occupies 615 mL at C and 575 mm Hg. When the gas is
    cooled, its volume is reduced to 455 mL and its pressure is reduced to 385 mm Hg. What is the new temperature of the gas?
    54. Hydrogen can be made in the "water gas reaction."

    If you begin with 250 L of gaseous water at and 2.0 atm pressure, how many grams of H2 can be made?
    62. Explosives are effective if they produce a large number of gaseous molecules as
    products. Nitroglycerin, for example, detonates according to the equation
    2 C3H5N3O9(s) 6 CO2 (g) + 3 N2 (g) + 5 H2O (g) + O2 (g)
    If 1.0g of nitroglycerin explodes, calculate the volume the product gases would occupy if their total pressure is 1.0 atm at C. Compare with the volume the product gases would occupy at 25oC and 1.0 atm pressure.

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