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    Reactions with Grignard Reagents

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    a. It is likely that the amount of Grignard reagent in analysis is greater than the amount of Grignard reagent actually present just before adding water. Explain.
    b. What hydrocarbon would you expect to obtain by the action of water on each of the Grignard reagents listed below?
    1. Butylmagnesium bromide
    2. sec-Butylmagnesium bromide
    3. iso-Butylmagnesium bromide
    4. tert-Butylmagnesium bromide
    c. What product would each of the Grignard reagents in the previous question (b.) yield when treated with D2O?

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    a. For your first question, it is important to distinguish how you analyze for the amount of grignard reagent. If you are detecting simply the magnesium, then it is simply a matter of the metal not all being in the alkyl bromide form. If you are ...

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    The solution provides a description of Grignard Reagents in terms of amounts in a solution. Hydrocarbon products after reactions with a number Grignard reagents with water and D2O are also discussed.