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Organic Chemistry: Alcohols

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Hi, I need some assistance with this organic chemistry concept. Could you show me how to draw all the alcohols that have the molecular formula C5H11OH. I also need assistance assigning the names to each compound and explaining if they are primary, secondary, or tertiary alcohols.

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The best way to draw isomers is to use a system, the one I find most useful is to start with the longest carbon chain.

So draw that skeleton:


Now we can vary where the hydroxyl group can be positioned.

C1, C2 or C3, since C4 is equivalent to C2, and C5 is equivalent to C1, depending on which end you number from/to.

For the 5 carbon chain, we will have 3 isomers

1. COH -C-C-C-C

2. C-COH-C-C-C

3. C-C-COH-C-C

The names are all based on the longest carbon chain (pentane), but the position of the OH must be also ...

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