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Liquifying Propane

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1) Calculate the entropy change that occurs when 3.5 moles of an ideal gas expands from 1.75 L at 20 degress Celsius to 8.46 L at .54 atm. Explain your strategy for solving this before you start.

2) Pop is packaged under CO2 (g) slightly above atmospheric pressure to make it fizzy. Calculate the change in Gibbs-free energy for the liquid and air in the bottle of root beer when it is opened at room temperature and the pressure drops from 1.8 atm to 1.0 atm. The volume of the liquid is 12 oz (about 29 mL = 1 oz) and the volume of the air space above the liquid is 35 mL. State any assumptions you may make.

3) Propane is a gas at room temperature and is 1 atm; yet, we know that when we store it as a fuel at room temperature for our grills and stoves, it is in liquid state. How is this done? Calculate the conditions needed to liquify propane at room temperature given that deltaH vaporization = 19.0 kJ/mol at 231.1 K.

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