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    Lipids - Methanol, Ethanol & 1-Propanol Reactions

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    Methanol, Ethanol, & 1-Propanol

    1) How would you sketch these three alcohol molecules?

    2) What is each of their polarity?

    3) What differences might you expect in the comparative solubility of each of them in lipids? WHY???

    4) If you were to add 2 drops of sheep blood to each of these alcohols (about 1/3 of a small test tube amount of each alcohol; 3M methanol, 3M ethanol, 1-propanol) what would you expect to see ROUGHLY in hemolysis time in seconds?

    5) Why would you get the results you did (1-propanol reacts fastest, then methanol, then ethanol). What would cause them to react the way they did?

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    I get why 1-propanol would be the first in hemolysis order, and our experiment did give ...

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    Solution attaches a Word document which carefully explains how to sketch and find the polarity of these molecules, as well as accounting for the their comparative solubilities and describing the effects of adding sheep blood to them.