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    best method for the preparation of 3-chloro-3-ethylpentane

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    Which one of the following represents the best method for the preparation of 3-chloro-3-ethylpentane?

    a. (CH3CH2)3CH + Cl2 â?' (CH3CH2)3CCl + HCl
    b. (CH3CH2)3CH + HCl â?' (CH3CH2)3CCl + H2
    c. (CH3CH2)3CH + NaCl â?' (CH3CH2)3CCl + NaOH
    d. (CH3CH2)3COH + HCl â?' (CH3CH2)3CCl + H2O
    e. (CH3CH2)3COK + Cl2 â?' (CH3CH2)3CCl + KCl

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